Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Safer Crib Sheet instructions

These instructions were on my old website. Since I got a lot of hits on it, I decided to repost it here for anyone who is interested in making them. The instructions are for an envelope style crib sheet with a flap at one end. I apologize for my crude drawings. I made this page when I first got a computer and didn't have any programs to make graphics so I used paint.

Materials needed:

3 3/4 yards woven cotton fabric-45" wide
1 1/8 yards of 3/4" wide elastic
21" of 3/4" or 1" wide velcro®

Cut two pieces of fabric 35 1/2" wide by 57 1/2" long.

Cut one piece of fabric 23" wide by 17 1/2" long.

All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

1. With right sides together, stitch the two large pieces of fabric together, stitching up one long side, across one short side and down other long side.

2. Press the open edge under 1/4", then press under again 1" to form a casing. Stitch close to inside fold, leaving an opening to insert the elastic.

3. Fold the corners as shown, so that the seams line up. Mark a line, as shown, 3" from the corner. Pin to hold in place and stitch across along line. Trim 1/2" away from stitching, cutting corner off. (Do not cut stitching off!)

4. On small piece of fabric, hem the short sides by turning under 1/2" twice and stitching close to the inside fold. Hem the long sides by turning under 1" twice and stitching close to the inside fold. Stitch the loop (softer) part of the velcro® to the wrong side at one long edge, stitching along both edges of the velcro®.

5. Pin the small piece (flap) to the large piece (sheet) as shown, with the wrong side of the flap against the right side of the sheet, pinning only through one layer of the sheet. The flap should be centered on the sheet. The edge with the velcro® should be away from the sheet as shown, with the opposite edge placed about 2 inches away from the casing stitching line. Stitch along the edge of the flap and again about 3/4" away. This side of the sheet will be on the top of the mattress.

6. On bottom of sheet, on the right side of fabric, mark a line 9 3/4" away from the folded edge of the casing. Pin the hook side of the velcro® so that the edge is against this line. The velcro® should be centered across the sheet. Stitch along both edges of the velcro®. (You may want to try the sheet on the mattress before stitching, to be sure the velcro® is in the correct place.)

7. Mark the elastic at 38". Place it around the mattress to make sure it will stretch enough to go around. Cut elastic 1" longer than measurement. Using a large safety pin, thread elastic through the casing. Lap ends 1" and stitch securely. Stitch the opening in the casing.

8. Place mattress in sheet as you would place a pillow in a pillowcase. Fold the flap to the underside and secure the velcro®. When washing the sheet, secure the velcro® to prevent the sheet from twisting and to prevent the velcro® from sticking to the rest of the laundry.

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